Data Science Experience

In this section, I share my experience and provide updates on my progress throughout the data science certification program Data Management and Visualization offered by the Wesleyan University and taught by Lisa Dierker, Professor of Psychology through Coursera.

Part I -Data Management and Visualization
Week 1: Selecting a research question
Week 2: Writing your first program – SAS or Python
Week 3: Managing Data
Week 4: Visualizing Data

Part II -Data Analysis Tools
Week 1: Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA
Week 2: Chi Square Test of Independence
Week 3: Pearson Correlation
Week 4: Exploring Statistical Interactions

Part III -Regression Modeling in Practice
Week 1: Introduction to Regression
Week 2: Basics of Linear Regression
Week 3: Multiple Regression
Week 4: Logistic Regression

Part IV -Machine Learning for Data Analysis
Week 1: Decision Trees
Week 2: Random Forests
Week 3: Lasso Regression
Week 4: K-Means Cluster Analysis

Part V –Capstone Project



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