A look at GapMinder data

Data source: GapMinder data are comprised of global development indicators curated by the Gapminder Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit venture registered in Stockholm, Sweden, aiming at promoting sustainable global development and achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by increased use and understanding of statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental … More A look at GapMinder data

Exploring Statistical Interactions with Python

In the previous post, I analyzed the correlation between 3 development indicators (income per person, life expectancy, policy score, and urban rate) and HIV rate. I found that there was a linear negative association between urban rate and HIV rate (Correlation coefficient = -0.276, p-value = 0.001). This time, I am interested in assessing the … More Exploring Statistical Interactions with Python

Managing data with Python

This is the third week that I am sharing my experience throughout the Coursera course on Data Analysis and Interpretation Specialization. This week is dedicated to data management. The last week, I run frequency distributions of HIV rate, polity score and urban rate. From these frequency distributions, I found that the response values are too spread … More Managing data with Python

Exploratory data analysis with Python and SAS

In this blog, I am sharing my first program in Python. As I said earlier in my previous post, I will be using the GapMinder dataset provided by the Coursera course on Data Management and Visualization. I run frequency distributions of 2009 estimated HIV Prevalence (%), 2009 Democracy score (Polity), and 2008 urban population (% … More Exploratory data analysis with Python and SAS


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Data Science Experience

In this section, I share my experience and provide updates on my progress throughout the data science certification program Data Management and Visualization offered by the Wesleyan University and taught by Lisa Dierker, Professor of Psychology through Coursera. Part I -Data Management and Visualization Week 1: Selecting a research question Week 2: Writing your first program – SAS or Python … More Data Science Experience